Cambridge University Wildlife Conservation Society (CUWCS) is a student run organisation founded in 2014.

We aim to promote awareness of wildlife conservation, especially within the student body at the University of Cambridge. In 2015, this organisation established its own grassroots wildlife conservation project in the Kitengela Dispersal Area of Nairobi National Park. This project is attempting to tackle human-wildlife conflict by training pastoralist communities in the use of camera trap technology to allow them to monitor predator movements in their lands, permitting pre-emptive changes to livestock management.  Members of the society have visited the project biannually since then.

We also run various events at the university with the aim of engaging fellow students with conservation. These events include talks by academics and charities, termly debates and film screenings. The University of Cambridge has members at the cutting edge of research, and we aim to provide them with an insight into conservation in the hope that they will keep this knowledge in mind as they go on to work in their respective fields.

Therefore, we believe that this society has an opportunity to help future conservation through engaging a generation of young people in the importance of conservation.

Your money will go towards paying for speakers from NGOs to come to Cambridge to teach students about global conservation, and the importance of their work in today’s society, as well as directly contribute to our grassroots conservation project in Kenya. Even a little money can make a big difference, and so please consider giving to this cause, which has a chance to make a difference to the prospects for conservation in the future.

Contact details:

Sponsorship officer: Tom Andre

President: Seth Daood and Rahul Patel