We have set up a collaboration with the Tsavo Trust, a conservation organisation that works in Kenya’s Tsavo Ecosystem to conserve wildlife and empower communities to do so too.

Our collaboration is in an area of Tana River County, an place called ‘Malkahalaku Conservancy’, a vast, wild area with no government presence, home to the pastoralist Orma community who still practise their traditional way of life which borders the northern part of Tsavo East National Park. Every year, around 10 people are killed by lions here, making this a human-wildlife conflict hotspot that rarely gets attention due to the lack of external communication. The area is home to significant predator populations – lions, leopards, cheetah and wild dog, and CUWCS has provided 4 camera traps to assist in predator monitoring and especially to assess the effectiveness of predator deterrents to reduce human-wildlife conflict and livestock losses due to predation.